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The World's Most Practical Tactile Sensors

Robots can navigate their environments and perceive what's around them, but they cannot effectively manipulate it because they lack suitable hands.

Tactile sensors help robots grasp gently and correct errors before they knock objects over. However, to move outside elite research institutions, they need to be less expensive, more robust, and easier to manufacture than current options.

TakkTile's breakthrough technology leverages MEMS barometers to deliver 1-gram sensitivity for a fraction of the cost of existing systems, in a package durable enough it can survive being crushed by a 25-lb weight.

We support community development to get it out to the maximum impact in the real world. Check out the plans here, tutorials here — they are free for research and non-commercial use! Or, order pre-made boards here if you don't want to build PCBs and cast plastic yourself. For commercial applications, see consulting and licensing.


The first units of the ReFlex Hand beta are shipped, which include integrated TakkTile sensors in the fingers and palm 2014-09-18

TakkTile featured in Engadget Peripheral Vision segment on the Biorobotics Lab 2013-12-02

TakkTile sensors on Hand Option 1 for the DARPA Robotics Challenge government furnished equipment!

Robotic Trends "TakkTile Sensor Gives Robots Softer Touch at Lower Cost" 2013-04-24

Discovery News "Robots' Crushing Grip Turned To Delicate Touch" 2013-04-22

Science Daily "Robot Hands Gain a Gentler Touch: Tactile Sensing Technology Builds On Tiny Barometer Chips" 2013-04-18

TakkTile featured in Make Blog coverage of the 7th HW Meetup 2013-03-27

Hack A Day "Building touch sensors from digital barometer chips" 2012-08-30

Engadget "TakkTile turns digital barometers into open-source robot touch sensors" 2012-08-04

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