TakkTile Kit for Hubo Robot

Beta Release

TakkTile Kit for the gripper of the Hubo robot provides cost-effective, sensitive and robust sense of touch.

Please contacts us here for prices and availability.

Kit components

5x Finger boards (4 plus 1 spare)
1x Palm board
1x Communication board



- The sensor shape was designed to match the shape of the fingertip.
- Attachment to the fingerpads by using double sided tape or glue (current version).
- Dedicated fingertips featuring embedded sensors can be ordered.
- The wire is mounted on the back of the finger and connects into the communication board.


- The communication board is a custom I2C bridge between the sensors and USB. Sampling speed 100Hz.
- Arduino can be used to provide the I2C to USB interface. Sampling speed 20Hz.

Software and Interface

- The default operating system for communication board is Ubuntu.
- Arduino interface can be used with Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS
- ROS package is provided

Questions ?

Contact us: here

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