December 2013 - DARPA Robotics Challenge Expo

The TakkTeam will be at the DARPA Robotics Challenge Expo. Stop by our booth to enter a drawing for Swag and Demo Kits, try the sensors in person, and check out hands using our sensors. Media, ask for our special press kit.

1 July 2013 - Call for proposals - Results

After reviewing many interesting applications we decided to award a TakkTile starter kit to the team of Dr Nathan Lepora from the Sheffield Center for Robotics and Dept of Psychology, Sheffield University, UK.

Their proposal was to validate the tactile hyperacuity, and as such develop guidelines for spacing and resolution of the tactile sensors. We hope that the outcome of their research would be important to the wider community, and effectively help embed TakkTile technology in different applications.

Will post updates from their work when this becomes available.

For more information about the work of Nathan and his team please visit their website: here

1 May 2013 - Call for proposals

A call for proposals is issued for applications of a novel tactile sensor that has 1-gram sensitivity, low cost, and high robustness.

The selected proposal will receive a TakkTile starter kit to jump-start the implementation.

To apply, please submit an abstract describing the idea to moc.elitkkat|maet#moc.elitkkat|maet by 31 May, 2013.
Applications will be judged on basis of transformative impact, creativity, and implementation potential.

The possible applications range can include:
- Robotic Hands and Skin
- Rehabilitation devices
- Medical Devices
- Automation
- Toys
- Haptics
- Novel Interfaces

Questions ?

Contact us: here

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