TakkTile LLC exists to help people use low-cost touch sensors to solve problems in robotics and beyond. We do this through four thrusts:

Community Support — There are more applications for this technology than we can explore ourselves, and want to get it out to maximum impact. Rather than trying to hoard them, we believe it's better to collaborate with others and share the proceeds. Towards this end, we provide support to researchers, makers, entrepreneurs, engineers, and other people who want to try the technology out and provide plans, open-source code and tutorials, and collect and relay tricks and tips (not all of which are posted on the website) to get things running quickly and reliably and debug any problems that may arise.

Hardware Sales — Not everyone has the time or inclination to build sensors themselves from scratch, so we provide a series of products that make it faster and simpler to get past "hello world" to the interesting stuff.

Consulting Services — Contact us at moc.elitkkat|maet#moc.elitkkat|maet about how we can help reduce the pitfalls and increase the speed of your development

Licensing — The core TakkTile technology is patent-pending. The information released here (plans, etc) is provided under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. It's free to use in research, but a license is required for commercial applications. Licensing also helps companies protect investment in a new application. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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