We would love to help you solve any challenges integrating TakkTile sensors into cool new applications, and appreciate your help taking TakkTile from cutting-edge research to stable technology!

If you have any questions about the products, novel ideas, or issues that need resolving, please contact us at moc.elitkkat|maet#moc.elitkkat|maet.

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Bare Boards

Can I buy bare boards ?

Casting bare sensors requires a few tricks and experience. Due to customer disappointment with attempts at casting bare boards, we have discontinued un-cast products and encourage you to order pre-cast strips. These can be overmolded for your application. This is much simpler approach.

Tinkering is essential for innovation, so please be in touch if you insist on trying the bare boards. We can also offer discount on cast strips in some situations if the price is the barrier.

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