TakkStrip V2

TakkStrip is the simplest way to integrate tactile sensing into your projects.

The V2 consists of 6 sensors end-to-end spaced at 8mm spacing, along with a "traffic cop" microchip that allows the entire strip to be accessed over I2C without address conflicts. The "traffic cop" microchip is located on the back of the PCB.


Put them where you want the TakkStrip can be used as a single unit (useful for parallel-jaw grippers, fingers, bumpers, and more), or separated with a dremel into smaller sections or individual taxels that can be placed wherever your project requires.

If the chips are separated, there are breakouts provided to allow easy soldering back to the traffic cop.


NOTE: only two sensors can be wired back when the strip is cut - the 4th and the 5th


Up to 8 different TakkStrips can be attached to the same I2C network by setting their addresses using the "address pin" solder jumpers at the base of the strip.

The address is set in binary:

Jumper Address
O O O sensors 0 - 4
O O X sensors 5 - 9
O X O sensors 10 - 14
O X X sensors 15 - 19
X O O sensors 20 - 24
X O X sensors 25 - 29
X X O sensors 30 - 34
X X X sensors 35 - 39


The strip is designed to work with voltages from 3.6 to 5V

For more information, please see the [TakkStrip Tutorial]

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