TakkTile for Robotiq gripper

A kit for the gripper is now available as a product. See here

In this project we use TakkTile sensors to provide the Adaptive Robotic Hand by Robotiq with a cost-effective, sensitive and robust sense of touch. Until now, tactile sensing was either too expensive or not sensitive enough for real-world applications.

For many applications, having accurate tactile sensors can guarantee a successful manipulation as opposed to a manipulation that results in a slippery or too strong grasp. With these sensors we can detect a very light touch to manipulate a light bulb without breaking it or stronger forces to grasp a heavy object without missing it.

Applications of this research include: haptic teleoperation in which the operator can perceive the forces resulting from the manipulation at the remote site, autonomous grasping in which a robotic manipulator automatically adjust the grasp to best suit the characteristics of an object or more intelligent prosthesis.

In this video we show how the TakkStrip sensor cropped-to-size can be adapted to fit Robotiq Gripper providing accurate, real-time force measurement and localization. The sensors detect and measure contact forces to detect very light forces.

This project is a collaboration between the Centre for Automation and Robotics UPM-CSIC and Harvard BioRobotics Lab.

Tutorial on how to use TakkTile sensors with Robotiq Adaptive Gripper

A tutorial on how to adapt the TakkStrip and mount it to fit the 3-finger Adaptive Gripper by Robotiq achieving the results shown in the video is available here

Example: Holding Empty Eggshell !

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