I2C using Arduino

How to communicate with TakkStrip using Arduino

by Eric Bakan and Yaro


This driver reads I2C data and outputs over serial interface. If you are new to arduinos, please check out the "getting started" tutorials. (note that if you program the Arduino with the examples, it overwrites the TakkTile code, which must be re-programmed with takktile_arduino.ino before it can speak to your computer)

The data can be read using a number of methods:
Python interface (example in github: tester.py)
Mathlab (example in github: matlab)

To debug the serial connection (and see which virtual port the arduino is connected to), you can use the Device Manager under Windows, or list your /dev/ttyUSB* ports under Linux.


The wiring diagram is just set up four wires:
Data to SDA
Clock to SCL
VCC to +5V
This is described on http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/Wire

An example of wiring to Arduino Micro is presented below:


The code

arduino firmware

Temperature reporting is disabled by default to provide faster sampling. To enable it, set the flag in the arduino firmware file (takktile_arduino.ino) as shown below, and flash the modified firmware onto the arduino.

boolean flagShowTemperature=true;

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