I2C using I2CtoUSB bridge from Cypress


In this tutorial the communication with a TakkStrip over I2C protocol is demonstrated using the I2C-USB bridge from Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.

1x I2C to USB kit, Digikey: 428-1910-ND


  1. Connect the Cypress Bridge to the computer via the USB cable provided.
  2. Connect the TakkStrip to the Cyptress Bridge according to the following diagram:
# Wire Meaning Color Convention
1* Voltage Red
2 Ground Black
3 not used
4 Clock Blue
5 Data White
* Pin number one is marked on the bottom of the bridge

Using Cypress Bridge Control Program

  1. Start up the Bridge Control program.
  2. Connect to the bridge by hitting the "Connect" button near the bottom. (Looks like <|>)
  3. Click the +5.0V for Power.
  4. Toggle power by hitting the button below the "Connect" button. The bottom of the screen should read "Connected" and "Powered".
  5. Copy the example below into the editor.
  6. Define variables P1 to P5 and T1 to T5 as integers under [Chart->Variable Settings].
  1. Make sure "Send all strings" is checked.
  2. Hit "Send".
  3. Everything is working correctly when all signs are positive "+".
  4. If everything is working properly, hit "Repeat".
  5. When you switch to the Chart tab, you will see a graph of the raw pressure and temperature data being plotted in realtime.
  6. When finished, disconnect the bridge and close the program.

Program Example

; switch on
s 0C
; start data conversion
s C0 12 01
s 0D
; select sensor
s 00
; read data
s C0 00 s C1 @1P1 @0P1 @1T1 @0T1
s 01
s 02
s C0 00 s C1 @1P2 @0P2 @1T2 @0T2
s 03
s 04
s C0 00 s C1 @1P3 @0P3 @1T3 @0T3
s 05
s 06
s C0 00 s C1 @1P4 @0P4 @1T4 @0T4
s 07
s 08
s C0 00 s C1 @1P5 @0P5 @1T5 @0T5
s 09
; switch off

Note: the 0x0X command (i.e. 00, 01, 02, etc) indicate the address of the strip. For example, if the strip address is 6 then the select sensor command would read like:

s 60

For Bridge Control Panel version 1.3 (and above)

The program mentioned above has some compilling erros in newer verson of the Bridge Control Panel. The code below can be used as a replacement

s 0C 0
s C0 12 01
s 0D @1P1

s 00 0
s C0 00 s C1 @1P1 @0P1 @1T1 @0T1
s 01 @1P1
s 02 1
s C0 00 s C1 @1P2 @0P2 @1T2 @0T2
s 03 @1P1
s 04 1
s C0 00 s C1 @1P3 @0P3 @1T3 @0T3
s 05 @1P1
s 06 1
s C0 00 s C1 @1P4 @0P4 @1T4 @0T4
s 07 @1P1
s 08 1
s C0 00 s C1 @1P5 @0P5 @1T5 @0T5
s 09 @1P1

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