TakkTile Kit for Robotiq Adaptive Gripper

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The product page for the kit is here

Kit components

3x Finger boards
1x Communication board
1x Palm board (optional)

Installing the Sensors

  • Remove the finger tips and palm plate from the Robotiq gripper
  • Be sure to save the hardware
  • Using the original hardware install the TakkTile fingertips and palm sensor
  • Attach each fingertip to the TakkFast using the provided cables
  • The pin out of the fingertip boards is pictured below:

Software and Interface

The default operating system for trying sensors is Ubuntu.


Please start by going through TakkFast tutorial here

ROS (Robotic Operating System)

After finishing the Basics section, lets explore the TakkTile ROS package.
Please read and install TakkTile ROS from here

Sensor Indexing

Each board has a dedicated address, and as such each sensor has a dedicated address.
Connecting boards with same address will result in an conflict.

Board Name Sensors Available
Finger board 0 [0,1,2,3]
Finger board 1 [5,6,7,8]
Finger board 2 [10,11,12,13]

To check which sensors are active subscribe to the sensor_info topic under ROS

rostopic echo /takktile_ros/sensor_info

To plot raw sensor values enter

rxplot /takktile_ros/raw/pressure[0]:pressure[1]:pressure[2]:pressure[3]:pressure[4]

note that rxplot takes data location indexes (…2,3,4,5,6…), not sensor_info indices (…2,3,5,6,7…)

To zero thermal drift

rosservice call /takktile_ros/zero

Questions ?

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