The aim of this tutorial is to introduce TakkArray, and how to use it. The TakkArray is no longer on the market. If you are interested in the TakkArray we reccommend purchasing multiple TakkStrips to construct your own array.


TakkArray is an array of forty sensors.
Each row has a dedicated microcontroller (attiny) which makes it possible to activate required sensor (i.e. chip select).

The array interfaces via a high-speed USB interface with ROS drivers.


The sensor mapping corresponds to the following diagram:


Sensor Mapping

Custom sensor mapping is implemented on the array. To activate remapping to the visualization presented above the following flag should be edited in takktile_node.py


Once the flag is updated the ROS topics will be publishing the sensor data according to the visualization map.


To activate vizualization run:

rosrun takktile_ros viz_array.py

If the data is drifting, use service call to recalibrate:

rosservice call /takktile/zero

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